There are now over 250 add improvements to the new FIFA 09 For The PS3 game. FIFA 09 on the Playstation 3 delivers an authentic football simulation that enables you to customize the game to suit your style and ability. New animation technology creates more responsive first-time shooting and passing, faster and more controlled dribbling, and improved trapping.

New player momentum physics, which exploits the power of the next-gen platform engines, delivers realistic player collisions, authentic jostling for the ball, and more variation in tackling. What ever happened to the old football games where you could either slide or just run unto the play..

For the first time, go inside the game engine to customize the strategy and positioning of your teammates to decide exactly how your team will play in any given situation on the football pitch. With new Custom Team Tactics you have all the tools to become a first-team coach. Adjust and customize tactical settings so CPU players and your team do just like the real-world team plays and make strategic decisions to exploit your opponent’s weaknesses, all on-the-fly.

The popular feature innovation of FIFA games of the past was Be A Pro. In FIFA 09 for the PS3 this has been expanded to a career mode called Be A Pro: Seasons, where you can choose or create a professional player and then develop his skills at a single outfield place over four years with the goal of becoming a national legend. One slight disappointment is that a real football career would last longer. It would have good to say, have a 20 year career but your physical rating drop – you could then Be A Pro Sheringham style and play into your 40’s…hahaha. The FIFA 09 match day experience is now true-to-life with a referee and linesmen on the pitch. Plus, crowds, stadium atmosphere and commentary have all been rationalized to the exact detail.