Rummy is the second most popular card game in the world. So much so, that across the world there are over 20 recognized variants of the game, in addition to the innumerable local variations too. As against its other counterparts, rummy is a simple and easy card game to learn and start playing. People from all walks of life have enjoyed playing rummy over the years. Surprisingly, after the introduction of rummy online, its popularity has jumped manifold. Looks like rummy players are really enjoying the “virtual” avatar of the game. The interesting features and offers have further enhanced the interest among novice players too.

Despite the presence of many role-playing games in the market, Indian rummy which is one of the popular variants of the game has been topping the popularity charts consistently. Here’s a quick look at some of the interesting factors responsible for the soaring popularity of rummy.

  1. Gameplay is interesting and challenging

One of the popular variants of rummy, the Indian rummy, is a game with simple rules but offers great challenges. When you play rummy to meld 13 cards into sets and sequences it is sure to put your skills to the ultimate test. Also, with the essence of the original game very much retained in its online version, with added features the game has certainly reinvented itself to suit the needs of the online format. It’s time-bound and transparent giving enough scope for all players to play rummy online.

  1. Lucrative offers and promotions

One of the important reasons driving people to online rummy more has been the attractive offers and promotions lined up regularly. Based on your skills, you can look forward to playing and win games depending on the choice of variants and your skill level too. Thus, everyone can be assured of something interesting every time they get online to play the game.

  1. Perfect brain exercise

Unlike other card games, rummy is not dependent on luck. Hence, if you aspire to play you’ll need to develop your rummy skills. Rummy games prove to be a perfect exercise to your brain as you would need qualities like utmost concentration, memory and reasoning skills in order to understand your opponent’s meld and design your own strategies around them.

  1. Smartphones driving the popularity

With cheaper smartphones available in the market and competitive data plans, people prefer playing the games on the go. Also, rummy sites have made their apps easily downloadable. With enhanced graphics and visual effects, rummy online is giving a stiff competition to the desktops and console games.  The availability of the rummy games in vernacular languages too makes it hugely popular among rummy players.

  1. Fun unlimited

Online rummy has players playing from across the globe against each other. You may also choose from the different variants of the game and enjoy it 24×7. This extensive reach of the game gives it a new dimension and is enriching it too. Based on your level of expertise you can enjoy the game thoroughly.


With interesting features available for each and every one, rummy games continue to grow with their increasing popularity.